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The access to the Virtual Conference Centre is conditioned by registration. The registration deadline for GeoUtrecht2020 was 13 August 2020. Our online registration system is closed now.


Late registrations for presenters, moderators & convenors: Please send an e-mail to



Your participation is conditioned by receiving an invitation e-mail to join the GeoUtrecht2020 Team sent by



Welcome to the registration of the GeoUtrecht2020 Conference organized by


DGGV - Deutsche Geologische Gesellschaft – Geologische Vereinigung (German Geological Society), KNGMG - Koninklijk Nederlands Geologisch Mijnbouwkundig Genootschap (The Royal Geological and Mining Society of the Netherlands) and

Utrecht University – Universiteit Utrecht.


We note all registered participants the possibility to become members of DGGV and KNGMG, as a return courtesy for providing the conference registration free of charge. Obviously, these memberships are optional.

The technical setup of the conference requires that each presenter uploads in advance one pdf file, containing presentation material that will be publicly available in a DOI format. Registered participants are strongly advised to study this presentation material in advance and prepare questions.

By "Presentation material" we understand one file in pdf format (only!) of the presentation itself, an extended or reduced version of the presentation (in case of material that can be presented but cannot be made public) or a poster version of the presentation. This "presentation material" cannot be another publication with an existing DOI.

For further information see the Copyright Rules for Presentation materials. The "Presentation material" is obligatory for all presenters, will be publicly available on the conference website after closing the call for abstracts and is intended for the audience to study your presentation in advance. Upload deadline: 21 August 2020, 12:00 CET.

The GeoUtrecht2020 virtual conference will use the platform provided by Microsoft Teams installed at Utrecht University. To attend the conference, the e-mail provided during the registration must be associated with a Microsoft Teams account. The registration e-mail will be visible to all registered participants via Microsoft Teams.

Many e-mails that are part of private or institutional accounts in companies, universities and institutes have already Microsoft Teams accounts activated for their members, which are part of private or institutional Office 365 subscriptions. Alternatively, you may create a free account associated with Microsoft Teams that may be used during the conference. You may check if your e-mail is already associated with a Microsoft Teams account or to create a free Microsoft Teams account.

During your online registration, you will be asked to agree to the following terms:

  • I confirm that the e-mail provided at registration is associated with an active Microsoft Teams account.
  • I understand that presenters have to upload at least one pdf containing presentation materials no later than 21 August 2020.
  • I understand that my registration e-mail will be visible to all other registered participants.


Notes for registration:


  • Microsoft Teams can be used in an app (available for a wide variety of platforms) or a web-browser (updated Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome only for our conference). Depending on your system and connection, the web-browser experience may be less optimal. Please contact your IT administrator for any software issues.
  • Registered participants will be assigned to the Team of the GeoUtrecht2020 conference in Microsoft Teams and will receive a notification e-mail.
  • If you already use Microsoft Teams, a second organisation called "Universiteit Utrecht" will be added (upper right corner, next to your profile) the first time you use the software via the conference website (except if your registration e-mail is already in the domain);
  • For any interaction with participants within the conference, you must be logged in the Teams app or the correct web-browser with the registration e-mail;
  • After you join the team, in the one week period preceding the conference you must test in advance your system by launching a testcall and opening an ad-hoc ("Meet-now") meeting in Room 5.01 of the Conference.
  • For further details on attending, presenting, moderating or convening the meetings and events (and interacting with participants), please see the Information section of the GeoUtrecht2020 conference.


Please note that a

certificate of participation

can only be issued for active presenters. Unfortunately not for participants

without a presentation!

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