Webconference – Questions & Answers

Do I have to pay conference fee?

No, GeoUtrecht2020 is free of charge.

Do I have to register for this conference?

Yes, please register until 13 August.

Is there a Code of Conduct?

Yes, all participants must agree to our Code of Conduct during online registration.

Code of Conduct

Will there be posters?

There will be no difference made

between talks and posters.

Which lecture formats are planned?

There will be two types of presentations: plenary keynote talks (40 min) and session talks (20 min).

Which software will be used?

Microsoft Teams, available after 14 August.

Do I need a Microsoft account for this?

Yes, either subscription based or free (no fee). To check or create a free account, please go here. PLEASE NOTE:

You have to register with the e-mail address used for MS Teams registration. All conference participants will see your e-mail address.

Which app should I use?

Microsoft Teams available for all platforms.

Experience is best with an app on Windows or MacOS (obligatory for Moderators & Plenary Keynote speakers)

No app, which browser should I use?

If you are not a Moderator or Plenary Keynote speaker, then you can use an updated Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome only (NOT Firefox).

Any special hints for Mac users?

Please use MS Teams app or Google Chrome. Please allow MS 'Screen Recording' in 'Security & Privacy' & accessing camera & mics in your settings.

Are there live talks only

or also pre-recorded contributions?

 Only live talks are planned

(without video, just presentation plus live audio).

How about Copyright Transfer Terms and

Licensing Policy for Abstract Submission?

Where can I later upload my presentation file(s)

and which copyright applies to this?

More questions?

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