Instructions for Public Plenary Sessions


Public Plenary Sessions are scheduled and setup in advance by organizers.

Public Plenary Sessions will be streamed via Microsoft Teams Public Live Events.

Public Plenary Sessions are recorded. The recording will be available for download as an mp4 file after the end of each session on the GeoUtrecht2020 website.


Presenters and Moderators


  • Camera ON at all times;
  • You must be logged in Microsoft Teams with the registration e-mail AND the registered organisation must be Utrecht University (see Information for All Participants). You must use the Microsoft Teams app on a recently updated Windows or MacOS computer with connection tested in advance.
  • Although what you will see and hear may look similar to a meeting, it is significantly different in terms of organisation, such an event is more similar to a webinar or a TV talk show.
  • A Producer will start the live event 30 minutes in advance. You must join the live event ONLY via a special Microsoft Teams calendar invitation that is sent to your e-mail in advance. Enter no later than 15 minutes in advance of the scheduled start of the session during a conference break. Do NOT use this website or the Virtual Conference Centre to enter your session, you may end up in the audience without the possibility to communicate with organizers.
  • What the audience sees and hears is not decided by you, but by a Producer, who usually remains hidden, unless necessary. Just do things normally like in a regular meeting, including screen-sharing (please screen-share the entire screen, NOT a Window).
  • There is a delay of tens of seconds between what you do and say and the actual moment when the audience sees and hears it.
  • Moderators introduce the speaker, pay attention to the questions in the chat box, promote them to be live and sustain the discussion after the presentation.




  • The experience is more similar to attending a TV talk show or a webinar, where you ask questions via chat.
  • You can use any supported device, with or without a Microsoft Teams subscription.
  • There is a delay of tens of seconds between the action on stage and the actual moment when you see and hear it. Therefore:
  • You must ask your questions during the event, but at least several minute in advance of the moment when a response may be expected.
  • Questions can be asked only via chat (no camera or microphone options).
  • Questions are moderated and a Moderator will decide if your question will go public or not.


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