Instructions for Scheduled Meetings (Individual Sessions and Events)


Individual sessions and events are scheduled and setup in advance by organizers.

  • You must be logged in Microsoft Teams with the registration e-mail AND the registered organisation must be Utrecht University (see Information for All Participants). You must use the Microsoft Teams app on a recently updated Windows or MacOS computer with connection tested in advance.
  • Any registered participant may join a scheduled meeting ONLY here i.e. via the GeoUtrecht2020 website (i.e., not via an individual calendar). You enter in a meeting via a designated room, accessible by clicking the relevant website hyperlink. These rooms are not visible in Microsoft Teams or anywhere else.

Access is allowed for registered participants only within the limit of max. 250 participants per room. If the room has already 250 registered participants, other participants cannot enter.

Individual Sessions and Events are NOT recorded. We strongly ask participants to refrain recording by any external means.


Conveners and Presenters


  • Presenters can screen-share their presentation (please screen-share the entire screen, not a window). In this case the presentation will NOT be available in the screen-share window and you must load it from your own computer.
  • Camera ON during intro and discussions, OFF during presentation (remember to turn off your microphone when stop speaking).
  • Enter the designated room ONLY via the GeoUtrecht2020 website no later than 15 minutes in advance of the scheduled start of the session during a conference break.
  • During the entire session time between conference breaks, you cannot attend presentations in other sessions on the same device.
  • In case the Presenter is not in the room, the presentation is cancelled.
  • In case of emergencies, send a Chat message to @technical in Room 5.01 - Chat and ah-hoc meetings;
  • Participants ask questions via chat during or live after the presentation.
  • The Presenter (assisted by Conveners) responds live to questions only after the presentation. Chat questions have FIRST priority.
  • After chat questions are finished, pay attention to attendants raising their hand for live questions and ask them to speak.




  • You can ask questions via chat, or live AFTER a presentation by raising your hand – a Convener will invite you to ask the question live;
  • Questions asked by chat will be given FIRST priority by conveners;
  • You MUST keep your microphone OFF during all presentations.


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