General Information


The GeoUtrecht2020 virtual conference will use the platform provided by Microsoft Teams installed at Utrecht University.


Before the conference (registered participants):

  • After 14 August 2020 you will receive an e-mail to join the GeoUtrecht2020 Team (as a guest) at Utrecht University. Click "Open Microsoft Teams" and join the Team. If you misplaced the e-mail then quit the Microsoft Team app and click this hyperlink. (Re-)start the Microsoft Team app.
  • To access any facilities of the conference, you must be logged in the Microsoft Teams app or the correct web-browser with the registration e-mail AND the registered organisation must be Utrecht University  (upper right corner, next to your profile).


  • For all actions you will always start from here, i.e. from the GeoUtrecht 2020 website, not from Microsoft Teams. No scheduled events or meetings are visible in Microsoft Teams.
  • The Microsoft Team access will be closed 5 days after the end of the conference (31 August 2020, 12:00).


Microsoft Teams can be used in an app (available for a wide variety of platforms) or a web-browser (updated Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome only for our conference). Depending on your system and connection, the web-browser experience may be less optimal. Contact your IT administrator for any software issues (not conference organizers).


  • Similar with many other communication systems, using Microsoft Teams may require giving privileges to the app or web-browser to use the audio, microphone, camera or screen-sharing.
  • Technical help from Utrecht University organisers will be provided upon request only for registered participants, only for using the facilities of the conference and only during the week preceding the conference.
  • For any assistance you must send a chat message that starts with @technical in Room 5.01 - Chat and ah-hoc meetings. An Utrecht University colleague will contact you via a message or e-mail.
  • No technical assistance will be provided during the conference. This may result in your presentation not being held because of technical problems. Therefore, we strongly advise you to test your system and connection in advance. You may do that in Room 5.01 by launching a testcall and opening an ad-hoc ("Meet-now") meeting after 14 August 2020.


During the conference you must use a stable high bandwidth connection via cable (preferred) or WIFI, NOT 3-4G. This connection must include high UPLOAD transfer rates (for screen sharing and video transfer).


Most networking problems experienced by users in such communication systems are caused by their inadequate internet bandwidth (particularly the upload transfer rate). For further details, please contact your administrator or internet service provider.


Utrecht University does not assume any responsibility in cases of technical failure.


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