Instructions for Exhibition Hall


The Exhibition Hall is available only to registered participants.

The Exhibition HALL is organized as a webpage with logos and links to individual booths for exhibitors. An exhibitor is an individual institution (companies, research institutes, universities, individuals, etc);



An individual booth is a webpage designed in a standard way by conference organizers per request, or externally designed by Exhibitors and published on the GeoUtrecht2020 website. No restriction of hyperlinking with other external webpages outside the conference website. At least one institution representative must be registered for each booth.

The booth is standard equipped with one meeting for the period of the entire conference that can be repeatedly open and closed with no restrictions.

Other facilities can be organized per request, such as notifications for participants entering the meeting or other automations.

No other restrictions apply to individual booths, outside the general Code of Conduct.

Please contact the organizers for obtaining an individual booth and further details.



Please follow instructions when entering individual booths;

No other restrictions apply for visiting the Exhibitions Hall, outside the general Code of Conduct.


We cordially like to thank our exhibitors & sponsors – please click on the logos to learn more: