Instructions for All Presenters


  • All presenters have to upload in advance one pdf file, containing "presentation material" that will be publicly available in a DOI format. Failure to upload such " presentation material" will result in cancellation of the presentation. By "presentation material" we understand one file in pdf format (only!) of the presentation itself, an extended or reduced version of the presentation (in case of material that can be presented but cannot be made public) or a poster version of the presentation. This "presentation material" cannot be another publication with an existing DOI. For further information see the Copyright Rules for Presentation materials. The "presentation material" is obligatory for all presenters, will be publicly available on the conference website after closing the call for abstracts and is intended for the audience to study your presentation in advance and prepare questions.
  • You may screen-share your presentation (no upload in advance of presentation required) at your pre-defined time slot only if you have a reliable and tested internet connection and only if you have previous experience with screen-sharing via Microsoft Teams. You may not screen-share videos during your presentations, the audience will not see them in sufficiently good quality.
  • Please screen-share your entire screen via Desktop --> Screen number, NOT a Window or an uploaded file. Screen-sharing a Window induces delays for the audience or fails for presenters in some instances, particularly at low upload transfer rates.
  • All presenters must upload their presentation material (compulsory) and presentation (optional) in pdf format (only!) no later than 21 August 2020, 12:00 CET. You have to  upload your files in your account that you have already used for abstract submission.

The Conference Copyright Rules are applicable, presentations will be deleted from Microsoft Teams after the conference. Only PDF files are accepted (no videos or PowerPoint format), preferably low size.


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