Instructions for All Participants During the Conference


During the conference:

  • Your device microphone must be kept OFF at all times when not speaking. This is VERY IMPORTANT, because most noise and echos in such meetings come from participants in attendance with poor internet connections keeping microphones open. Organizers will enforce this rule strictly if not respected.
  • Your device camera must be kept OFF during all scheduled meetings and events (with exceptions specified on this site).
  • When open, careful: check in advance your camera framing and NO background sound (amplified in the meeting).
  • Registered participants must login in advance in Microsoft Teams with the registration e-mail.
  • You can ask questions via chat, or live AFTER a presentation by raising your hand (only in Individual Sessions or Events) – a Convener will invite you to ask the question live; Questions asked by chat will be given FIRST priority by conveners.
  • The GeoUtrecht2020 Code of Conduct applies at all times. Organizers may decide to stop immediately meetings or access to participants that do not respect this Code of Conduct.


Events must be booked in advance of the conference, no scheduled events can be organized during the conference. However, ad-hoc meetings ("Meet now") can be organized during the conference.


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